SS32D Crawler Shifter

Shantui SS32D crawler shifter is researched and developed on the basis of SD32 bulldozer in response to the market demands. The fixed counterweight is incapable of luffing, the working device is controlled by servo valve, and the mechanical shifter head (rail clamp) is telescoped, lifted, or lowered by single cylinder installed on above the cab.

Operating weight of whole machine: 40.7t


Technical Features

●The Chongfa NTAA855-C360S10 engine is equipped with exhaust gas turbocharger, featuring strong power and high efficiency and energy-saving.

●The high reliability power shift transmission, the stable hydraulic torque converter, and two-stage spur gear final drive feature high power transmission efficiency.

●The independent engine water tank, the chassis oil cooler, and the water-air intercooler integrated in the engine provide prominent cooling performance and simple maintenance operations.

●The full box-type main frame with application of high performance materials and high strength castings features high carrying capacity against impact load and bending moment.

●The balance beam is under floating connection with the bogie via rubber dampers to reduce the impact load transmitted to the chassis system and further improve the trafficability of machine on uneven terrain.

●The bulldozing blade interface is reserved for refitting to bulldozer and the spare replacement parts for rollers and bearings are provided.

●The new hexahedron cab features super-large interior space and broader visual field. The ergonomically designed driver seat and armrests can be adjusted easily in vertical and longitudinal directions. The gearshift, steering, and accelerator controls are arranged on the left side and the working device controls are arranged on the right side to achieve lighter and more flexible operations.

●The eye-catching identifications accurately remind the owner of the correct maintenances and the openable engine hood can easily realize the checking and maintenances.

●Shantui’s complete service network and the timely and thoughtful services are the intimate guarantee for your use of this equipment with ease.

●The safety warning lamp, the reversing alarm, the horn, the good brake, and the distinct machine coating can effectively protect the safety of peripheral personnel and improve the safety guarantee for all-weather operations. The seat belt and numerous handrails and safety identifications on the machine provide safety protection for the operation personnel.

●The side shields can effectively protect the engine and radiator against the blockage and damage by foreign particles to achieve a more beautiful appearance.

●The standard antifreeze can promote the boiling point and reduce the condensation point to effectively prevent the scale formation in engine and radiator and help the cooling and protection of the engine.

Performance Parameters

Overall dimensions (Length × Width × Height) 5792×6979×4014mm Operating weight of whole machine 40.7t
Engine model Cummins NTA855-C360 Engine power/speed 235kW/2000rpm
Maximum shifting weight 16t Maximum shifter step 800mm/time
Number × weight of counterweight blocks 3×1.5t