SD16plus Standard Bulldozer

SD16plus bulldozer is an upgrade product developed independently on the basis of SD16 product, featuring high technologic content, advanced and reasonable design, high productivity, and easy maintenances, and is applicable for more severe working environments.

Operating weight: 17000kg
Engine power: 120Kw


Technical Features

●Weichai WD10 engine features the advantages of strong power, high combustion efficiency, and easy maintenances and conformed to China-II emission regulation.

●The high reliability power shift transmission and the two-stage final drive with spur gear reducing structure and splash lubrication feature high durability and high operating efficiency.

●The closed system is adopted to maintain the water tank pressure at specific value and the forced air supply can enhance the cooling effect.

●The harnesses of whole machine are protected by seamless corrugated tubes to improve the reliability of electric harnesses.

●The integrally injection molded instrument panel integrates the A/C, electric devices, and instrument box, featuring beautiful appearance and high grade.

●The optimized working lamp arrangement improves the lighting performance of vehicle.

●The reversing alarm and the working warning lamp are added to provide the safety warnings during working.

●The full box-type main frame features high carrying capacity against impact load and bending moment and the high quality welds guarantee the life cycle of the main frame.

Hydraulic system:

●The external working valves ease the daily maintenances and realize better maintainability for the valves. ?

●The PPC pilot controls achieve better labor-saving and convenient operations.

●The working device system pressure is increased to 21MPa, featuring high efficiency and energy-saving.

●This product features powerful traction force and durability. The rigid traveling system transmits the working load and impact load onto the main frame to guarantee the stability of machine under complicated working conditions.

●The new hexahedron cab features enlarged interior space and broader visual field.

●The mounting surface and the sealing surface of the cab are separated to achieve better sealing performance.


Performance Parameters

  • SD22S Wetland Bulldozer

    SD22S Wetland Bulldozer

Performance Parameters

Length × width × height (mm) (excluding ripper) 5140×3388×3024 Operating weight(t) (excluding ripper) 17
Engine model SC11CB184G2B1 Net power/rated speed (kW/rpm) 120/1850
Ground pressure(Mpa) 0.067 Blade type Angle blade   Straight tilting blade   U blade
Blade capacity(m3) 4.5 for straight tilting blade   4.3for angle blade    5 for U blade