SP90Y Pipe Layer

Delivering ultimate power, lift and value, the SP90Y features a Cummins engine, load feedback, overload prevention, anti-rollover protection and precise controls. Our first offering for larger loads.

Engine model: Cummins Cummins NTA855-C360S10
Operating weight of whole machine: 55000kg
Maximum lifting capacity: 90t


Technical Features

● The whole machine feature high strength, high stability, and beautiful appearance.

● The hook rod winch and working hydraulic system adopt joint venture products or imported products.

● The pilot control mode is adopted for the operations of hook rod winch and counterweight.

● The four-link counterweight structure is adopted.

● Optional air conditioned cab is available.

● The corresponding measures are taken in consideration of diversified environment adaptabilities.

● The working device and the counterweight feature good disassembling and assembling performance.

Performance Parameters

Overall dimensions (Length × Width × Height) 5630×5726×9215mm Operating weight of whole machine 55000kg
Engine model Cummins NTA855-C360S10 Maximum lifting capacity 90t
Maximum lifting height 7000mm Boom luffing range 1.2-7.2m
Boom length 8.6m