SM200M-3 Road Milling Machine

Shantui SM200M-3 road milling machine is one large-sized crawler road milling machine that integrates the mechanical, electric, and hydraulic technologies to well meet all kinds of needs in road maintenance and cater to the development trend of modern road milling machine towards large-scale in terms of specification and towards automation and intelligence in terms of control. This product is applicable for the large-area removal and stripping operations of pavement diseases from expressways, asphalt roads of various grades, airport runways, and harbors and ports and for the texturing of cement roads and is one essential large-size road maintenance machine in modern mature road maintenance processes. “


Technical Features

●The 600hp U.S. Cummins QSX15-C600 full-electronically controlled diesel engine equipped conforms to Euro-II emission regulation and features strong power, automatic power distribution, and high energy-saving and efficiency.

● The mechanically-driven milling drum features high drive efficiency.

● The four-track driven traveling system features free wheel and equal proportion split function and can be chosen depending on actual needs.

● The optimization of structural design and the choice of control units ensure the accuracy and reliability of four steering modes.

● The energy-saving technologies, including temperature controlled fan technology and engine automatic idling technology, realize better fuel economy for the whole machine.

● The 600hp high-power engine and the 32t operating weight guarantee the strong milling capacity of the machine and powerful working capacity and high efficiency during high-depth milling operations on hard roads.

● The design of double operating consoles enables the driver’s operations from both left and right sides.

● The full CAN bus digital network control mode is adopted to effectively guarantee the automatic control and protection for all motions of the machine.

● The limit load function guarantees the engine against flameout under severe working condition.

● The water system alarm function against no water and blockage effectively prevents the abnormal wear of the milling cutters.

● The milling drum adopts U.S. Kennametal new pre-molded quick-change cutter holder, featuring convenient maintenances.

● The human-machine interface, the centralized digital display of parameters, and the complete information (including maintenance information, malfunction self-diagnostic information, and alarm information) make the operations of the machine safer and more efficient.

● The international high-quality products for critical installed parts, including German Rexroth hydraulic units, Stiebel transfer case, O&K reducer, InterControl controls and display, and Moba leveling system, effectively guarantee the reliability of whole machine.

Performance Parameters

Length × width × height (mm) 11700×2480×3230 Milling width (mm) 2000
Milling depth (mm) 0~320 Number of milling cutters (piece) 162
Drive mode Mechanic drive Engine model QSX15-C600
Rated power (kW/hp) 447/600 Rated speed (rpm) 2100
Traveling speed (km/h) 0-5 Operating weight (kg) 32000
Belt width (mm) 800 Theoretic conveyance capacity (m3/h) 470
Swing angle of conveyer (º) ±45 (two-stage)