QS300 Wendt Trash Compactor

QS300 trash compactor is equipped with originally imported Cummins QSM11 electronically controlled engine to feature most powerful bulldozing and compacting capability and especially adapt to the bulldozing, spreading, and high density compacting of trashes. The articulated frame, the swing type rear axle, and four compacting drums of large diameter can maintain complete balance and steadiness on the grounds and slopes of any state. This machine is a large compacting machine targeted at high-end market to break the monopolistic situation of foreign brands in domestic high-end compactor market. “


Technical Features

●With output power at 250kW, the Cummins QSM11 turbocharged full-electronically controlled diesel engine conformed to Euro-II emission regulation and provides best power guarantee for the machine under the most severe working condition.

●The hydro-mechanically driven power drive system is professionally designed and elaborately manufactured specially for severe trash treatment environment. Shantui’s original hydro-mechanical drive system can provide stronger power, higher productivity, and lower unit hour operating cost.

●The weight of the compactor is equally distributed on the axles, which applies a super-strong linear compacting force onto the compacting drum. The design optimized compacting drum can not only complete the crushing and compacting of trashes, but also feature sufficient corrosion resistance.

●The full-enclosed cab can protect the driver against the influence of severe working environment and the air supply to the cab is pre-filtered by activated carbon.

●The traveling and steering of the compactor and the lifting and lowering of the blade are controlled by the electronic control joysticks arranged on two sides of the seat and the air suspension seat can be adjusted in all directions to maximize the operating comfort of the driver.

●The optical monitors within the cab guarantee the reversing safety.

● The external ROPS structure for the cab guarantees the driver’s safety.

●The three-layer guard plates effectively guard the terminal reducer interfaces of front and rear axles against the ingress of foreign material.

●The overhead steering cylinder effectively eliminates the dangers arising from the impact of trashes.

●The optional compacting system and the Wendt control system realize the remote monitoring and intelligent management on the compactor.

●The protective door of complete buckle design is installed for all maintenance portions and all protective doors can be opened without use of additional tool.

●The bottom of the compactor is under full-enclosed protection by baseplates to keep clean the machine. The design of central lubrication points eases the maintenance of the users.

●The nearly harsh screening on critical components (including engine, drive parts, and hydraulic units), the globally procured world’s first-class parts, and the absorption and integration of advanced technologies guarantee the performance and reliability of the product.

Performance Parameters

Length × width × height (mm) 8830×3800×4480 Engine model Cummins QSM11
Rated power/speed (kW/rpm) 250/2100 Operating weight (kg) 33000
Front axle weight (kg) 16500 Static linear pressure (front/rear) (N/cm) 808
Compacting width (mm) 3460 Steel drum diameter (mm) 1890
Blade capacity (m3) 15 Gradeability (%) 100