SM100MT-3 Road Milling Machine

Shantui SM100MT-3 road milling machine is one 1m-wide wheel milling machine mainly applied for the removal and stripping of pavement diseases from urban roads and asphalt roads of various grades as well as for the small-scale operations of expressways, airport runways, and ports and harbors and the texturing of cement roads. With milling width at 1,000mm, maximum milling depth at 300mm, front wheel steering mode, and lifting and lowering mode of two rear pillars, its milling drum is mechanically driven (namely clutch + belt + reducer) and its traveling system adopts fully-


Technical Features

● The products of internationally renowned brands are adopted for core parts, including Rexroth hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, and milling drum reducer, WPT clutch (including right-angle gearbox), and Gates drive belt.

● The rear pillars are made of special material and by advanced heat treatment processes and are effectively controlled in dimensional and form and location tolerances to guarantee the smooth lifting and lowering of pillars without damage.

● The drive belt adopts hydraulic tension device to effectively reduce the operation impact and guarantee the stable and reliable torque transmission.

● The optimized water sprinkling design effectively guarantees the cooling and dust prevention of the milling cutters and prolongs the service life of the milling cutters.

● The optimized design of structural parts prevents the fatigue rupture against the operation impact.

● The full-hydraulic four-wheel drive fitted features forced split function, high cutting depth, and stable and reliable operations.

● The 15t operating weight guarantees stronger operating capability, with maximum milling depth at 300mm.

● The front wheel steering mode and the large steering angle design are adopted to guarantee the flexible transfer of construction site.

● The right rear pillar is capable of 180º rotation for facing operations.

● The excellent material placing and conveyance system and the efficient material scraping system improve the operating efficiency of the machine.

● The advanced electro-hydraulic proportional control technology and the standard leveling system are adopted to realize the accurate control of milling depth and clearly advantageous milling effects.

● The 1,000mm milling width and the standard milling drum in cutter pitch of 15mm can easily handle the construction needs for the roads of various grades.

● The front guard plate is lifted by hydraulic cylinder to easily drive across obstacles, featuring higher safety.

● The CAN bus digital network control mode is adopted.

● It boasts the functions including human-machine interface, centralized digital display of parameters, and automatic leveling function.

● The malfunction diagnostic and alarm system is fitted.

● The energy-saving technologies, including automatic idling of engine, are utilized to realize better fuel economy, low emission load, and high working efficiency for the whole machine.

● The large-area radiator and the induced cooling mode are adopted to effectively prolong the service life for the engine and hydraulic parts. The unique sound insulation and noise reduction devices greatly reduce the working noise.

● The unique hydraulic system design can release the service brake for towing without running the engine.

● The external and suspended installation modes for fuel and oil filters ease the replacement and maintenance.

● The large opening design for engine hood and side doors provides a spacious room for maintenances.

Performance Parameters

Length × width × height (mm) 10900×2280×2550 Milling width (mm) 1000
Milling depth (mm) 0~300 Number of milling cutters (piece) 94
Drive mode Mechanic drive Engine model SC8D220G2B1
Rated power (kW/hp) 162/220 Rated speed (rpm) 2200
Traveling speed (km/h) 0~6.8 Operating weight (kg) 15200
Belt width (mm) 500 Theoretic conveyance capacity (m3/h) 115
Swing angle of conveyer (º) +25/-20