SG14 Motor Grader

“SG14 motor grader adopts the external ring gear type working device to achieve higher transmitted torque, larger blade cutting angle, and better material control capability and features the maximum traction force among the domestic like machines. This machine is applicable for large-area leveling, ditching, slope scraping, bulldozing, ripping, land clearing, and snow removing and is an ideally essential machine for large building constructions, water conservancy projects, and farm improvements. “


Technical Features

● Cummins engine features reliable performances and high efficiency and energy-saving.

● The 6-speed electronically controlled shift hydraulic transmission with ZF technology features reasonable speed ratio distribution to ensure that the whole machine has three working gears at choice to ensure operating reliability and flexibility.

● The box-type structure welded from integral plates features high strength.

● The extern ring gear adopted features high transmitted torque, larger blade cutting angle, and better material handling capability and is especially useful while handling dry materials and clays.

● Featuring simple operations and high impact resistance against external forces, it’s applicable for the working conditions with high operating volume and severe operating environment.

● The international advanced hydraulic brake control technologies and international renowned hydraulic units are adopted to ensure braking safety and reliability.

● The full-hydraulic front wheel steering equipped features small turning radius and high mobility and flexibility.

● The high-grade full-sealed luxury cab with total visual field and the high-efficiency shock-absorbing seat maximize the operation comfort.

● The cab and the main frame are connected by shock absorber to ensure the operating safety and reliability.

● The standard high capacity heating and air conditioning system and the double-layer sealed side doors achieve <84dB noise and effectively reduce the labor strength of the operator.

● The maintenance-free high performance battery is equipped.

● The steel engine hood with four doors eases the maintenance and heat dissipation of the engine.

● The hydraulic oil tank adopts the overhead dismountable filter element, featuring convenient repairs and maintenances.

● The automatic leveling system can be additionally installed.

● The special drive tires and the conventional tires are at your choice for the motor grader.

Performance Parameters

Length × width × height (mm) 9130×2600×3400 Operating weight (t) 11.6
Engine model 6BTAA5.9-C180 SC8D190.1G2 Rated power(kW/rpm) 132(180HP)/2200 140(190HP)/2300
Vehicle speed (km/h) 5.4~39.7 Minimum turning radius (mm) 7800
Blade dimension (mm) 3660/635 Rated working pressure (MPa) 16