4m³ Truck Mixer

Chassis model:
SANY 4×2 Tier III
Mixing capacity:
4 m³

Benefits & Features

Sany truck mixer SY204C-6 with 4 cubic meter mixing capacity is equipped with ultra-high strength integrated auxiliary frame, ensuring its stability and high strength. The 4 cubic meter truck mixer can adapt to varied harsh conditions and improves its service life.

Specialized Cab

Safe and Secure

The specially designed cab is made using the newest robotic welding techniques and complies with the strictest front collision and top pressure regulations.

The instrument panel, mirror placement and overall design contribute to a field of view unparalleled in the industry.

Built for the Driver

The four point shock absorbing mounting, double layer door sealing, and noise reduction technology built into the cab help reduce driver fatigue during those long days on the job.

The interior trim of red and black exudes a sports car feeling to reduce visual monotony. Bluetooth technology with steering wheel controls allows hands free use of mobile devices (where permitted) to maintain contact with coworkers.

Convenient ACCESS Maintenance

The cab tilts forward to allow easy access to engine and transmission for maintenance.

The front mounted air conditioning components allows for ease of maintenance and repair, saving time and money.

Attractive Styling

The modern European/American styling of the cab accents gives a car like feel.

The trim, instrument panel, and seats are of high quality materials.


Improved Braking Technology

By making full use of engine braking, braking distance has been reduced by 15% and brake lining wear is decreased by 50%.

SANY uses a high volume air compressor, high quality piping, and new sealing technology that shortens air build up time quickens brake response time.


Energy-saving Technology

The engine dual power mode, coupled with the unique intelligent transmission’s power matching technology results in a 10% fuel savings.


Leading-edge Steering Technology

The large displacement power steering pump reduces operator effort by 40%.

Optimizing chassis geometry and front axle steering angle reduces the turning circle by 15%.


Anti-buildup Technology
The three section blade provides an efficient discharge angle.

The flushing device, an innovative front taper and ball-crown connecting structure are installed at the rear taper, in order to clear stagnant aggregate from the dead space, and to prevent aggregate from piling up at front and rear tapers. Due to this, the residual rate at the discharge port declines to 0.4%.


Smart Operating Technology

Each truck is equipped with a GPS system, which boasts five functions including truck monitoring, record/playback, alarm reporting, truck management, statistics and analysis.

With this information you can keep abreast of the mixer truck’s location, maintenance items, discharge, etc.


Maintenance Tips
Dashboard mounted monitor provides maintenance alarms for the truck’s key components such as engine, axle, and transmission in order to facilitate maintenance scheduling.


Curb weight
7500 kg
17100 kg
Dimension (L*H*W)
7530×2320×3400 mm
Wheel base
4200 mm
Min.ground clearance
225 mm
Min.turning diameter
16 m
Fuel consumption
21 L/100km
Braking distance V0=30km/h
≤9/8.5 m (Full/Empty load)
Bore × Stroke
Φ 108×115 mm
4.214 L
Rated power/Rev speed
140/2800 kW/rpm
Max.torgue/Rev speed
450/1400-1700 N.m/rpm
Tier Ⅲ /Tier Ⅳ
Mixing capacity
4 m³
Feeding speed
≥1.5 m³/min
Discharge speed
≥1 m³/min
Discharge residual rate
Slump scope
50-210 mm
Water tank capacity
300 L
Water pressure
0.35-0.38 Mpa
Reduction gear
Hydraulic pump
Yuchai YC4D140-33
Front axle
6 t
Intermediate/Rear axle
10 t
9.00 R20 16RP
Brake front/rear
Φ400×130mm/Φ400×150 mm
Air reservoir
2×40 L
Fuel tank capacity
170 L