Steel Bar Spiral Bender

Features (GWH32E):
Bending Diameter: 6-32mm
Motor Power: 3kw-4p
Motor Speed: 1430r/min
Control Way: automatic
Working Disc Speed: 15r/min
Weight: 340kg


Product Details

Steel bar spiral bending

Steel Bar Curving Machine mainly used for bending the common round steel, carbon steel, Ⅱ/Ⅲ straight thread, and other construction projects, processing enterprises need various bending

shape of the work piece.

Product Features:
Single capstan drive structure
The machine clockwise counterclockwise operation can extend the useful life of equipment.

The machine adopts the calcium-based grease lubrication ,filling convenience
Easy to operation,easy to use,high efficiency.High steel material,
The transmission gear is made of high steel material, long service life


Data Sheet

Bending diameter 8-32mm
Speed 48r/min
Motor power 3.7KW
Machine size 805*695*920
Weight 340KG
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