SL50W(N)-3 Loader

SL50W-3 loader is a fixed shaft drive product developed by Shantui on the basis of SL50W mature product through extensive market survey. The transmission adopts fixed shaft power shift transmission with hydraulic drive and 4 forward gears and 4 reverse gears, featuring light and flexible operations. The whole machine features powerful operations and high loading and unloading height and is especially suitable for long-distance heavy-load operations (such as earthworks).


Technical Features

● The Cummins engine equipped features strong power and high energy-saving and efficiency.

● The single-stage two-phase three-element torque converter and the Hangzhou Advance WG180 electronically controlled transmission are adopted for power transmission, featuring good power matching and stable motions. The split structures ease the repairs and maintenances. The transmission includes four forward gears and three reverse gears. This product is especially suitable for long-distance heavy-load operations (such as earthworks and mines) and features more powerful operations and faster motions.

● It guarantees outstanding site adaptability and flexibility and strong operation stability and can handle common heavy-load operations with ease.

● By minimizing the torque difference between front and rear drive shafts at turns, it prevents the slip difference between front and rear wheels and ensures the coincided wheel paths between front and rear wheels to improve the service life of tires and trafficability of machine and reduce the energy loss. The articulated plates for front and rear frames are in thickness of 46mm, with the center distance at 947mm, which is the largest value among like products, featuring high resistance against shear and distortion and higher stability of the machine.

● The optimized 3,178mm loading and unloading height, which is the highest in the industry, features extensive operation scope of the machine. The high strength boom in plate thickness of 46mm, which is beyond the industry design, guarantees outstanding loading performance and the carrying capacity against high torsional torque. The bucket is capable of automatic leveling function to achieve high loading and unloading efficiency and low labor strength.

● The design optimized Z-shaped single rocker tilting mechanism features powerful operations and high efficiency, with the breakout force at 18,500kg.

● With the adoption of finite element analysis optimization and the utilization of plate structure and automatic robot welding, the structural parts of the main machine feature high resistance against load and distortion, high firmness and compactness, and good stability.

● Multiple working devices, including timber grab, bale grab, coal bucket, side dumping bucket, and quartering hammer, are at your choice.

● The articulated structure of tapered roller bearings is adopted for front and rear frames, featuring reliable operations and easy maintenances

Performance Parameters

Length × width × height (mm) 8025×3026×3410 Engine model Weichai WD10G220E23
Rated power/speed(kW/rpm) 162/2000 Operating weight(kg) 16800
Wheelbase (mm) 3250 Operating weight(t) 5
Standard bucket capacity (m3 ) 3 Dumping reach (mm) Standard boom::1155   Extended boom:1230   Long boom:1175
Dumping height (mm) Standard boom::3195   Extended boom:3200   Long boom:3700