50m³/h Batching Plant

Theoretic productivity:
Aggregate silo capacity:
3×9 m³
Powder lot bin capacity:
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Benefits & Features

Sany HZS60V8 Batching Plant makes the maximum productivity to 50 cubic meter per hour. The 50 cubic meter batching plant adopts a modular structure that can be assembled and disassembled rapidly using common hardware. This makes it convenient to move.

Stable & Reliable

6 step protection system ensures safety during operation

Ethernet connections for fast and reliable communications

Computer controlled manufacturing process

Small & Flexible

Small footprint requires less site space

Enter and exit on both sides. Flexible layout allows setup on any site

Convenient & Fast

Modular design allows an installation time of only 4 days

Major components can be quickly and easily relocated

Cost Effective

Lower initial investment for quicker profits

Lower aggregate capacity for lower energy consumption

Lower loader fuel consumption results lower operating costs


Theoretical productivity
50 m3/h
Mixer model
Motor power
37 kW
Cycle period
72 s
Nominal capacity of mixer
1000 L
Max.aggregate size
Φ60 mm
Powder lot bin capacity
2×50 t
Aggregate silo capacity
3×9 m³
Category of aggregate
3 (optional)
Material discharging height
4 m (optional)
Installed capacity
80 kW
Accuracy of aggregate
±2% kg
Accuracy of cement
±1% kg
Accuracy of fly ash
±1% kg
Accuracy of water
±1% kg
Accuracy of addtive
±1% kg
Standard reference weight
30 kg
Charging mode
Bucket Elevator
Electricity standard