Hard Work, Honesty, Dedication and True Commitment towards our work is the key to success.




It gives me a great sense of satisfaction and pleasure to see and share the growth of our group in the face of highly competitive time through which Pakistan Construction Machinery sector is passing.Remembering that great companies are judged not by what they say, but by what they do. We should be passionate and accountable about putting our customer first and for delivering Outstanding services with the highest of ethical standard.

Integrity, Honesty, and Trustworthiness, while they may be hard to measure but these qualities are priceless and when it’s come to our customer they are having confidence in what we do and how we do it. In the end most important thing is that our believe in Allah. He is the one who controls everything and blessed the people who follow the Quran and Sunna.

Everything we give to others comes back many times. Instead of giving shouting, Hatred, Criticism, and Curse lets built our wealth by giving love, respect, praise and blessing to everyone we see.

The founder of these three companies is HAJI ABDUL REHMAN ( Chairman). The person who is known as one of the genius in the field of construction machinery in Pakistan .

Through time of great experience HAJI ABDUL REHMAN the founder of these three companies has established itself for more than 35 years and setting the goals and standard by which others may judge.


Haji Abdul Rahman (Late) began his construction machinery supplier business in 1977as Shama Engineering Lahore Pakistanwith little more than ability and enthusiasm to his name. Yet even at the start, he had a clear vision of what he wanted: a company with a core of skilled professionals that could consistently deliver high quality construction machinery at a competitive price.

Haji Abdul Rahman’s Son ushered in a new era of spectacular growth when he took over in 2000. Haji Abdul Rahman brought up Mr. Liaqat Ali as an extraordinary commitment to charitable and made him a Civil Engineering from University of Engineering & Technology Lahore, which helped weave his company from a local machine manufacturer to Importer and exclusive distributor of top brands from republic of China.


Today, Global Technologies creates awesome space in Pakistan market as independent importer & supplier of Quality Construction Machinery, always drawing renewed strength from the enduring principles of his Chairmen (Haji Abdul Rahman (Late)). We are proud to be a pure reflection of his vision.

The Global Technologies, Khan Machinery and Shama Engineering are working together under the name of Gohar Group. Where Global Technologies providing strength to their manufacturing in Pakistan by importing quality equipment from abroad.


  1. Global Technologies (Importer & Sole Distributor of Top Chines Brands in Pakistan for Construction Machinery)
  1. Shama Engineering (Located in Lahore- Parent Manufacturing Local Machinery Company run by Mr.Shoukat Ali Elder Son of Haji Abdul Rahman)
  1. Khan Machinery Corporation (Located in Rawalpindi & Islamabad Subsidiary of Shama Engineering for Local Construction Machinery Manufacturing run by Gul Naseer Khan First Cousin of Mr. Liaqat Ali)

So We have become one of Pakistan Success stories.

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Liaqat Ali

A bright student of Civil Engineering had completed his studies from U.E.T Lahore in 1999. He is not only a successful civil engineer under supervision of his father (Haji Abdul Rahman Chairman) but also joins the business instead of job with his father to strengthen Father’s vision. Mr. Liaqat Ali with his younger brother Mr. Faisal Rahman builds a new company with the name of “GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES” in 2005 as an importer and sole distributor of Construction Machinery with top brands of republic of China. He is generous and kind hearted behavior reflects his father upbringing and gives him repute in days within the top construction companies in Pakistan. Mr. Liaqat Ali has the same vision of his father to build his company as top supplier of construction machinery to hold the market share and today he is successful and made his father proud of him.

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Managing Partner

Col (Rtd) Shahid Aziz

Col Shahid Aziz served in Fighting Arm of Pakistan Army for many years. He served at various command, staff and operational assignments under extreme challenging environments. He did many Military courses with distinguished grading. He completed his MSIT (Master of science in Information Technology ) and MBA (HRM) with outstanding results. He has been decorated with many military honors and awards. Upon his successful and honorable retirement in 2013, he joined Global Technologies as “ Managing Partner”. He possesses strong moral fiber and is an asset to our organization.

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Managing Partner

Mr. Faisal Rahman

He studied from Canada and cleared his B.Sc Honors (Economics) in 2008. After the studies Mr. Faisal participate in his family business and working as General Manager in Global Technologies he is as good as his elder brother and passionate to follow his father’s vision. Mr. Faisal contributes his efforts and put the Global Technologies on high rank supplier of Pakistan.


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